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Take Steps to Ease That Burning Sensation in Your Mouth

We are all having different eating habits. We take coffees, burgers and chill drinks as well. There is no segregation that we will not eat this or will not drink this. Everyone is habitual of having different things for eating and drinking purpose. The mouth is the first organ from where we can have food or drinks and if there is some problem in out mouth, it can create a problem for the person who is foodie.

There are times when we eat or drink something cold or hot and we have burning in out oral cavity. But there is a time when you have not consumed anything hot but still you start having burning sensation.

We’ve all experienced eating or drinking something hot enough to scald the inside of our mouths. But what if you regularly have a burning sensation but haven’t consumed anything hot to cause it? You may have a condition called burning mouth syndrome, or BMS.

In addition to the sensation of feeling scalded or burnt, BMS can also cause dryness, tingling and numbness, as well as a change or reduction in your sense of taste. You can feel these sensations generally in the mouth or from just a few areas: the lips, tongue, inside of the cheeks, gums, throat or the roof of the mouth.

The root cause of BMS isn’t always easy to pinpoint, but it seems related to systemic conditions like diabetes, nutrition or vitamin deficiencies and acid reflux; it’s also been known to accompany the use of irradiation or chemotherapy for cancer treatment or psychological problems. It seems to occur most often in women around the age of menopause and may be linked to hormonal changes.

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